A little maintenance

July 25, 2007 at 5:38 pm | Posted in Computers | 4 Comments

Lots of peope I know simply use their computers all day and never do any mainteance. Kind of like the way some people treat their cars. Computers don’t need much but theres a few things you should do:

1) Backup. Have a duplicate of your files and system. Click on the Backup catagory on the right for some suggestions about how and where.

2) Update. Make sure your system has the latest security tweaks and Anti-virus and firewall updates. Check under the Computer category for a free online update service.

3) AV scan. Do a weekly anti-virus and anti-spyware scan. Many security programs will do this for you automatically, but some of the free ones don’t. Sometimes, something can sneak in; this checks.

4) Disc Cleanup. A little known program in Accessories, System Tools that helps tidy up all the junk -Temp files, cache, and so forth. If you want to open up its power, search the web for Sageset. This gives you more options and the ability to preset the cleanup and automate it via Task Scheduler.

5) ScanDisk. This checks your hard drive for errors and fixes them before a file gets corrupted by writing to a bad sector. You can automate it with Task Scheduler.

6) Defrag. This defragments the files on the hard drive. This helps the drive run a little faster. Some dispute its usefulness but if it hasn’t been done in awhile, it can help. The ideal way to run it is in Safe Mode, if you know how to do that. Its in Accessories, System Tools.

You can also browse Control Panel, Add-Remove Programs and uninstall stuff you don’t use. Your computer needs a bunch of empty drive space to function quickly.

And take a look at the settings of all the stuff in your Taskbar. Lots of stuff loads that doesn’t need to. Theres programs like the free Startup Inspector that allows you to control this.

That will help make things a little smoother.


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  1. OR….you could just buy an Apple. šŸ™‚


  2. Actually, many of the points are true for an Apple too.
    You want a backup,
    you want to run Apple Updates,
    AV is certainly MUCH less of an issue, true.
    And the file system requires less maintenance. But junk does accumulate on any computer and the more one uses it and tries programs, the more junk you end up with.
    Apple also has more rules so you get fewer impolite programs. But theres more toys for PC’s.
    What it comes down to is: whats the best tool for the job? An Intel Mac that can also run Windows – now that is good.


  3. I’ve become really lazy in maintenance. First the system caught a deadly virus infection, just when it was recovering from that, another disease struck, fragmentation. Well the symptoms had been there all along, lags and hangs but i thought it was due to malware alone. Seems like it wasnt just that. Treating my patient for that now:)


  4. […] a computer for Windows 7. Largely, this is preflighting and some more serious maintenance. I add a few other bits for a good seasonal cleaning. Work through the list step by […]


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