email forwards – how to

July 25, 2007 at 2:10 pm | Posted in Computers | Leave a comment

If you send out an email to a few friends, its not a big deal. But if you send an email to more than 5 or so people, its better to send it via “BCC”. Blind Carbon Copy does not display the list to everyone.

This prevents anyone on the list from “borrowing” your friends email addresses. Also if they forward it themselves without taking the header off, all the email addresses get passed on as well. I’m sure you’ve seen jokes like that – a long series of email lists at the top of the message.

It also just takes one person who gets the message to have a virus. Many viruses search emails for addresses and send themselves to all the addresses they find. Not BCCing can thus invite trouble to everyones mailbox.

Spammers love messages full of addresses and also use viruses and trojans to “harvest” these addresses, should the email land on their desk.

BCC much reduces all this.

If you use Outlook Express, you may have turn on the BCC field. Often, it just shows the To and CC fields. To add it, open an email and select View, All Headers. The BCC field will now show. Also in the Address book. Put all the addresses there. Thats all there is to it.

And finally, when you forward jokes and stuff, click Forward, then select all the geeky text at the top and press delete. This gets rid of all those email addresses and takes your recipients straight to the message you intended. ;-)

Just by using BCC and deleting the headers, you will much improve the email experience for everyone. Its only polite.

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