FileHamster realtime free backup

July 25, 2007 at 3:06 pm | Posted in Backup, Computers | 3 Comments

Recently, I became aware of a backup alternative thats fabulous if your work is computer based – writers, artists, designers, and so forth. And its designed for your use.

We’re talking free, easy version control and real time backup.

“FileHamster provides real-time backup and archiving of your files while you work. It enables you to monitor specific files on your hard drive and automatically create incremental backups whenever those files are modified. It also enables you to store notes about the changes that have been made, allowing you to quickly locate a specific revision or provide a detailed account of the work you’ve done on a project.”

“first backup tool for artists: optimized to intelligently handle the varying saving schemes for all applications and includes features focused on helping artists be more efficient while they work.”

As you’ll see it comes well recommended.

See articles on Where to backup and Techniques for more backup ideas.


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  1. NOTE – FileHamster is no longer presented as free. However, basic realtime backup functionality remains when the free trial period ends. You can upgrade if you want more features.

    They tell me it also works in Windows 7 and with 64 bit.


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  3. […] the trail period, it reverts to Basic mode. It’s more than worth paying for though. I wrote 2 articles about it […]


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