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Mashups is a tech term used to describe blended technologies. Its also a term used when the music from one song is blended digitally with the words from another song, usually in a different genre. Both though refer to a new Synthesis. A number of new web technologies are
developing that are designed for this. They have what is known as an open API. This is an extension to the idea of plugins where you could alter the features in an application with additions. In this case, the application is use within another blended interface.

If you are trading on the futures market, for example, you can see where you are trading with this:

Heres one that lets you browse the map and see the street-scape at the same time, blending Google maps and street scenes.
If you think its interesting but dumb, imagine how handy it would be to get a preview of where you’re traveling, find parking, a hotel, etc. and actually SEE where it is.

This one blends maps, weather info, video, and photos.


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  2. […] of a web application is that they can be integrated into other applications, online or off. “Mashups” are arising that multiply the ingenuity. Many build on Google Apps, like Maps for […]


  3. Just read an article on online maps and some interesting mashups.


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