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July 25, 2007 at 3:19 pm | Posted in Computers | 1 Comment

How would you like to be able to put your computer in your pocket and take it with you for travels or holidays? Have a functional off-site backup?

Recently, I explored USB or “Thumb” drive applications. I’ve read a number of articles about how to load an OS or custom tweak applications to run on a USB drive. But its pretty geeky and time consuming to get it to work. Gradually, “portable” versions of many open source applications have begun to show up.

I decided to try the PortableApps concept. It offers a wide range of programs for a USB drive, with an automated menu. Just plug the USB drive into a recent computer and a menu button appears in the taskbar. Click it, and a Start menu pops up with all your apps and folders ready for use. You can load files and settings to match you main computer to make all those plugins and bookmarks handy too. They also offer a standard suite of applications, including web browser, Office suite, email, and much more. And the handy thing is – all your work is saved back to the drive leaving nothing on the host computer.

And if you are already using the free Open Office suite (see post on that), your work environment will match completely.

Gizmo Richards recently did a more complete review and concurred with my results-PortablApps is the best choice. U3 drives have more features but fewer programs and are pricier. LivePC is another alternative that uses web based applications but it too has limited apps so far.

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