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An Enneagram refers to a 9 pointed geometric figure. It also refers to a  figure representing cosmic laws that was picked up as a way to define character and personality traits. Its origins are unknown but it was adopted by Sufism, then later by Gurdjieff. In the last century, Oscar Ichazo defined 9 ways in which the ego gets fixated at an early age. Ones self-image then develops around that obsession which in turn develops the individual personality. Understanding ones fixation can allow one to overcome it.  Ironically, many of the later interpretations of his work came to reinforce the attachments and celebrate the types.

An interesting overview http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enneagram_of_Personality

A free test to find out where you’re attached:

And the more offical:
They charge for their test, but on the left is a link to a free sampler. Its an either or test whereas the above is a scale based answer which seemed to give me more accurate results.  The above test also matches the ‘wing’ concept better.

Have fun and don’t be attached to the results  😉

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