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August 11, 2007 at 11:13 am | Posted in Internet, Music, Online services, Web Apps | 1 Comment

One of the interesting effects of the Internet is the international exposure everyone gets. Unexpected search results, email forwards, and sharing of media files like music and video. Kids now in University grew up on media sources off the radar for most boomers, like Japanese Manga. We saw just little hints, like Pokemon.

Another interesting trend is what is called mashups. I talked about this before here, with examples. One meaning of this is the digital blending of the music from one genre with the vocals from another. But in this context, I mean the blending of technologies into a new “application”.

A friend sent me a link to one such, TUN3R. Yesterday, they won the MashupAward of the Day.  “A search engine for radio stations with an unique interface. Tun3r scours the web looking for radio station audio streams and collects a short sampling of their music for user preview.”

In a few minutes, I’d listened to music from Albania, Germany, and Italy. But the music genres didn’t match the source. I can’t even describe what I’m listening to now – psychedelic accordion?? Dutch techno dance. Portuguese pop. Western movie music from Poland. Turkish folk. And heres a local rock station.

So its a great interface to find stations you might like.  And some surprises…

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  1. Just got this email from the Tun3r folks:

    Listeners visiting will now be able to visit any one of the ten new City Dial. Each City Dial displays a tiled mosaic of all Webcasting AM/FM stations for the given city. Stations are ordered as they would be on a traditional AM/FM tuner. The cities featured are: Toronto; New York City; Nashville; London; Paris; Glasgow; Stuttgart; Rome; Seoul; and Buenos Aires. Each City Dial can be accessed via a dedicated web address (e.g.,, For some cities, all AM/FM stations are available as streams. Additionally, over 350 Internet stations are featured adjacent to the local AM/FM stations. For the first time, listeners will be able to seamlessly browse between terrestrial and Internet radio.


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