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August 11, 2007 at 11:58 pm | Posted in Computers, Software | Leave a comment

Sometimes, its real handy to capture your on screen actions to a video file. Like Print Screen, only video showing mouse selections and actions.  Like how they intro a new web app like the just mentioned Splice.

Some games may cooperate if you want to show off your skills. 😉 (especially if they’ll run in a window)

When I released some new software a few years back, we created a CD intro to give customers a quick overview.  I did a 7 minute tour, captured with Techsmith‘s Camtasia, edited in Adobe Premier, voice overs added, then menued with Macromedia Director. (oops – just dated myself).  You can do that all inside Camtasia’s tools nowadays.

But what about for something simpler? You’re finding it too hard to describe the steps to adjust formatting in a Word document to a friend. Wouldn’t a little video clip be great, showing it live? And wouldn’t it be great if the video was small so it could be emailed? And wouldn’t it be great if the application was free? And it just worked?

Bingo. Try Screen2Exe from SCRec Tech.  Its free, creates surprisingly small files, and is dead easy. Start the program you want to demo (rehearse if needed), launch Screen2exe (only 400K!) and select the window to capture, confirm settings and Start. Walk through your steps systematically. Click F10 to end capture and select save location and give it a name. Done.

Its not as precise and tidy a tool as something like Camtasia.  But it just works and for help like this, its a great little tool.

One little note – the email recipient may block EXE file attachments as its a way to send viruses. Before you send, Right-click the file and enclose it in a ZIP compressed file. WinXP+ can open such files easily.

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