email to post, free?

August 16, 2007 at 1:38 pm | Posted in Online services, Web Apps | 2 Comments

This is something unexpected.

A service that lets you email a letter. They will convert it to mail and mail it, free. Photos included.

“Imagine you are on vacation in Hawaii & you take a memorable sunset picture using your camera phone. You want to share this picture with your mom in Idaho but she does not have access to email or a mobile phone with picture capability… So you end up waiting until you print it & mail it . ePOSTIT will make communication happen instantly. Email your picture & any message with your mom’s postal address to & your mom will receive a beautiful sunset picture within a few days. ePOSTIT saves you time, effort & money !!!”

The agreement mentions “This Site & service may contain advertising and sponsorship.” So the end letters may include advertizing, like your mailed statements do. They have paid premium services like photo printing, greeting cards and such. Sometimes sites like this are used as a refining ground for future commercial applications. But thats not stated. Worth a test.


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  1. I successfully tried this service couple of times after reading this post. Great service & photo quality are better than paid one.

    I don’t know how this company do it?

    Use it till it is free.


  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    As noted they do have advertising and paid services. Companies like this often use such as a proving ground or to introduce their other services. Because they can automate the process, there is only development costs to launch, then the tool can be perfected and also marketed to other companies.


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