Photo Editing

August 16, 2007 at 10:15 am | Posted in Media, Web Apps | 2 Comments

While I’m a long time user of PhotoShop, its a beast of an application to get to know – especially if you just need to do a little photo fixing. Adobe’s PhotoShop Elements is a nice light version with much improved user accessibility and quick fix stuff, some of which has migrated to the parent version. It also has some of the power of layers and so forth. Its often paired with PhotoShop Album, a photo management tool. Album has a light version thats free and sometimes offered with downloads like Acrobat. Its decent. (scroll down at:)
On the other hand, Google bought the great little program Picasa and decided to offer it for free.

But what if you’re traveling and want to email or blog about the trip? You have the perfect picture but its a little overexposed and needs centering. Or you look like aliens with the red eyes…  Several new online applications have shown up recently. Wiredness is one in Beta thats free. And it integrates with FlickR, the highly rated online photo sharing service, and with Picasa. (see the File menu)


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  1. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!


  2. […] am | In Design, Online services | My, the web is becoming a beautiful place… A while ago, I mentioned some great tools for Photo editing, getting those great shots ready for the world. Picasa is a free tool supplied by […]


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