Vista hole

August 16, 2007 at 9:22 am | Posted in Computers, Software | Leave a comment

One of the interesting features of the new Windows Vista OS is the Sidebar Gadgets. Not unlike the Mac Widgets or the Google Desktop tools or Enlightenment for Linux, they add things like clocks and newsfeeds to the Windows Desktop. (In other words, they are copying ideas everyone else has been doing for awhile.)

The only problem is, it turns out Gadgets run in”Full Trust” mode, not the “protected” mode like IE. Microsoft somehow expects third parties to always code securely. And end users to always check their Gadget download source. Given the number of people I know with (formerly) troublesome things like Hotbar and spyware on their computers (even anti-spyware thats actually spyware), I’d say their expectations are a little high. Can anyone say Gaping Security Hole?

One fix:

which creates 2 bugs:

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