Aqua Car

August 17, 2007 at 3:41 pm | Posted in Technology, Transportation | 6 Comments

We’ve all seen those cars that are amphibious and can cross water. Pictures circulated recently of a wooden body one. This one though is high speed – fast enough to tow water skiers. Easily.

Aqua car

Note the unusual seating configuration with a central driver.  “The whole process [changing from land to water] takes less than 12 seconds. The Aquada can plane at over 30mph.” Check the water skiing video.

HumdingaWant something more heavy duty? Check out their Humdinga. (top left link) Its bigger and faster.


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  1. What about its rival Quadski; personal watercraft where does it stands ..I never saw an amphibious vehicle manufactured on commercial scale.. that can go faster than a person walks fast on water. Let us hope from the 2 years of now we have one of our own..


  2. […] 16, 2008 at 10:20 pm | In Strange, Technology | The most popular post here so far has been on the aqua car. But this one is much cooler. A car that registers as a motorcycle? That plugs in for 120 miles […]


  3. I have seen another blog with a Porche. do they sell those to the public? this is realy cool….


  4. yep, for sale. Just follow the link.


  5. Curiously, this post from last August remains one of the most popular here. More popular even than the Catholic church on aliens.


  6. […] an Aqua Car would be fun. But perhaps it’s not available in your area or its a little pricey for the […]


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