Empty Space

August 28, 2007 at 11:09 pm | Posted in Science, Space, Strange | 3 Comments

After the original universe formed, gravity gradually caused clumping. Blobs of matter that slowly congealed into galaxies and stars and then planets. All through the force of gravity and spin. But it turns out clumping was not as even as expected. That there is a much larger gap than anticipated.

“a region of the universe a billion light-years wide where everything – stars, dust, even dark matter – is simply missing.”


And here’s a picture of it:


(personally, I consider Dark matter a cheat. A form of mythic matter that makes up the majority of the universe but cannot be found or verified. Theorized to make the equations work. I’d have flunked the subject if I’d much such a proposal in school.)


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  1. im student of physics.if u know how may i use this blog for improving my education pls send me.or call me on:9841596913


  2. Hi Khagen
    This is not a science blog. It is more a musing on curiosities I run into. I would suggest you pick a subject and use Google or Google Scholar to explore it. Always use multiple sources to avoid urban legends, etc. Sites like mine are more prone to conjecture…


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