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August 30, 2007 at 11:35 am | Posted in Computers, Software | 1 Comment

Over time, your computer will tend to get slower and slower booting up. The tendency for all sorts of software to be checking for updates is part of the load. But lots of applications like to be “Quickstart” so they are preloaded, even though you may use them once a month. That just takes up memory with stuff you are not using.  Other programs like Messenger and Skype will preload AND log in, delaying bootup more.

You want to manage those pesky always running things. You can go into Quicktime and turn off the taskbar icon but that doesn’t stop it from running on every bootup. Two tools are quite handy for managing Startup programs.

Firstly, Mike Lin has a great little free tool called Startup Monitor that warns you when a program is being added to a startup setting. Sometimes these are OK, like when theres a reboot to complete an install, it may need a temporary startup. Or theres something you want on all the time. But many things just bog down your system and can be run manually when you need them. If you prefer a program that gives you a bit more feedback and advice, the WindowsStartup Startup Monitor looks like it offers a bit more advise than Mike’s but I’ve not tried it.

You also need something to adjust the things that are already bogging your system. Mike Lin’s Startup Control Panel can help but is a little geeky. WindowsStartup Startup Inspector has a nice interface and quick click on Consult will give you some idea of whats important and whats optional. If you uncheck something that causes trouble later, its a simple matter to run the program and recheck the box.  The advice is contributed to by the user base so occasionally you get something bogus, like a program identified as spyware thats used by a video camera. It simply means that on some computers, it was a replaced program that was spyware, not that all versions are. But much of the advice is reasonable enough to make decisions.

So if you know your way around computers, Mike’s programs would be your best bet. If you like more information, try the WindowsStartup’s offerings.

On my system, I have several IM clients, Acrobat, Quicktime, Skype, and much more. None start up automatically. I simply launch them when I need them. Then the memory is clear for other stuff I’m doing.

The main downside to unbogging your computer is that some program updaters are then off and you have to do it manually on occasion. Secunia’s Software Inspector may help solve that issue.

And finally, in a previous post on Maintenance, I mention DiskCleanup.  Getting rid of the temporary files and other junk can help speed bootup. It can also help running speed as it gives less for anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to manage.

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