Flying Cars

September 10, 2007 at 12:59 pm | Posted in Humor, Media, Psychology, Technology, Transportation | Leave a comment

In an advertising sense, this is really old news. Sept, 2006. But I ran into it again today and its still amusing. Some web sites still convinced its real. Amateur videos are posted separately on YouTube, complete with faked-up profiles. A German group at a tourist site, a 40 year old skateboarder, a road trip. All “accidentally” capturing flying cars that just happen to look like GM vehicles. (wouldn’t they need to be redesigned to fly?)

Create the buzz, then add TV ads of flying cars breaking out of traffic. Classic viral marketing. All in the name of a decent warranty. Something we can expect a lot more of and something that will oblige us to keep our antenna up for fakery and illusion.

Heres a site that has links to the “amateur” clips, one of the ads, and some related material.

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