Microsoft without Gates

September 12, 2007 at 10:09 am | Posted in Software, Technology | Leave a comment

Bill Gates, the co-founder of the infamous Microsoft Corp., has made it official. He’s left MS to pursue his humanitarian efforts. Efforts made possible by the great fortune he has amassed.

He has been gradually stepping out, most recently into a “visionary” role. His announcement came at the annual company “meeting”, one that fills the Seattle Mariners baseball pitch and stands.  It was evidently low key and lackluster,  a quiet departure from his former life’s work.

At one time, Bill ended up with the same glasses and hair as I. Strangers would remark on the similarity of our appearance – enough that I had developed a response, “I’m taller”.  I found it vaguely annoying, particularly if it was a beautiful woman making the observation. (laughs)

Ah, the desire for uniqueness. I still occasionally get someone mistaking me for someone else who lives in town.  Close enough that even his brother mistook me. But I digress.

I suspect Microsoft won’t change much. Businesses tend to take on a life of their own (even legally as corporations) not long into their lives, just as our children are more than the sum of the parents. Still, it is a marker for the end of a chapter in the beast that builds what runs most of our computers.

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