September 18, 2007 at 10:05 pm | Posted in Computers, Software | 2 Comments

Just in case you have not seen this page, Microsoft has been building small free add-in programs for versions of Windows since Win95. Called Powertoys, they were sometimes required to get at certain settings, like the famous TweakUI (User Interface).

Heres the page for Windows XP

There is the mentioned TweakUI, a tool for viewing RAW camera images, SyncToy for syncing files between 2 places (desktop and laptop, thumb-drive, basic backup, and more.), an effective and fast Image Resizer (to email those great shots), a screen magnifier, webcam timelapse, colour, slide show, cleartype, and more. Even a graphing calculator.


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  1. Another Image Resizer that’s similar to the above but has more features and also works on Vista is the VSO image resizer.


    Either of these tools allows you to send those high megapixel photos to friends without plugging their inbox or giving them the look of only the top left corner of the massive image.

    It’s fast, easy, and free…


  2. While VSO is still good, they’ve started to be a little pushier. For non-commercial use it’s still free but they bug you each time you use it. Saying you don’t have to buy it but bugging you to. I’ve stopped using some software that does that.


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