Symphony is back…

September 19, 2007 at 9:58 am | Posted in Computers, Software | 1 Comment

I’ve commented on a number of Office variants available here – Open Office, a free version of Star Office, and the basic but free online Google apps. Also, news recently that IBM was joining in development efforts to support the open standards office suites (above) and the Open Document file format standard.

Back in the ’80’s, IBM introduced an office suite called Symphony but it never caught on. Now, its back, but its all new, free, and open standards.

I’ve not tried it but given the above support for open source office programs, it sounds like it will use some of the same code as Open Office and Star Office. It is based on the open source Eclipse platform.

“…download this enterprise-grade office software, which is the same tool inside some of IBM’s most popular collaboration products, such as the recently released Lotus Notes 8.”

Naming is a bit cumbersome –  Lotus Symphony Documents, LS Spreadsheets, and LS Presentations.

IBM Lotus Symphony

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s efforts to have its rival XML-based document format approved as a standard has been delayed.

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  1. IBM reports it had to triple the number of download servers available after the Symphony release. It has been unexpectedly popular. Over 100,000 downloads in the first week.

    They observed that not only is it an alternative to MS Office but it promotes the migration to open standard document formats. Google, Sun, and others are also promoting open standards. Anyone who thinks long will see the benefit immediately. Ever try to open a 10 year old document?


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