October 5, 2007 at 1:07 pm | Posted in Computers, Humor, Software | 2 Comments

A little something amusing from the techno-sphere. A group has build a Linux distro that looks much like Vista. They are targeting a no config install, the look and feel of Vista (one of its few assets) , and ease of use. Those are great goals for a Linux build. And of course it adds the security, stability, and low cost of Linux.

Based on a KDE desktop on the Fedora core.

Their web site is seriously bogged down so they’re moving to a better server.  Thats a sign of popularity right there.

A blog with a few screenshots.

And of course once you have it up, you can then dive into the world of enhancements, like a Mac style Dock (Engage) or the full blown Enlightenment windows manager. And the hundreds of free software packages available, some better than Windows ones.

Vixta may not drive the migration from Windows. But you know its coming when Dell and Walmart start selling desktops with Linux. Its not just for the servers anymore.


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  1. now that’s a good post. I don’t feel like I’m the onlyone promoting non-windoze operating systems… but if I had to pick a Linux distro I’d rather pick one that doesn’t look like Vista…


  2. Yes, I agree. Mac does a much better job of an interface than Vista. And Linux even more so. Few of Vistas ideas are new. Its why I mention Enlightenment. Its been around for years but adds a level of customization and enhancement thats so far past what PC and Mac users even know exists. Engage by itself gives you the Mac dock. Linux comes with 4 desktops built in, each of which can be individually customized and instantly switched between. I could go on and on.

    The hardest part of a Linux install I’ve found is to choose between the hundreds of supplied applications a full distro comes with.


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