The Better Uninstall

January 17, 2008 at 5:58 pm | Posted in Computers, Software | 1 Comment

Sadly, some programs pay less attention to their uninstallers than their installers. Or they leave stuff behind intentionally to keep a record of their past. Over time, you end up with a bunch of trash of your computer, the detrius of questionalble programming.

You can buy special utilities that monitor  installs so they can back them out later, but these have to be present beforehand.

Recently, I was recommended to a free tool that uses the programs uninstaller + analyzes its use of the registry and so forth.  It does a more complete uninstall and does not have to be present before the install.

Additionally, it displays the uninstallers for some drivers not visible in the start menu or Add/Remove programs.  Things like the notorious Windows Genuine Advantage. It successfully uninstalled some modem drivers on a friends system that would not come out with Add/Remove.

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