Microsoft buys Yahoo

February 4, 2008 at 1:54 pm | Posted in Computers, Economoney, Online services, Web Apps | 4 Comments

Microsoft’s purchase of Yahoo thats underway, an effort to compete with Google, may mean big changes for Yahoo or some of its branchs, like Flickr.

Will they retain the Yahoo brand in some circles and MSN brand others? Or take the traditional MS approach and move it all under the MSN brand? Some say their usual approach would damage the intention of the purchase as Yahoo has a larger share in some markets.  But Ballmer is saying they will achieve efficiencies by merging functions…

Myself, I’d be disappointed to see Yahoo Groups killed off. Its superior to Google and other offerings in my books. Flickr is also the superior photo sharing tool I’ve seen.


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  1. This is really a bad news for the web & for Yahoo! employees (many of them will be “sacrified” in the name of “eliminating redundant infrastructure and duplicative operating costs”)

    Fortunately some users of Yahoo!’s services keep their smile telling the world what they think with a great deal of fun…

    I’ll be very sad to see Yahoo! disappear…


  2. Turns out Yahoo didn’t like the generous offer after all. One director evidently suggested they up the ante. Now there are rumblings from the MS camp that they’ll try a hostile takeover…


  3. The saga continues. MS is threatening to bypass the board and go to the shareholders. “Microsoft feels hurt that Yahoo isn’t jumping at the chance to sell the company at a premium over market, and Yahoo’s upset because it looks like Microsoft is trying to rip them off by buying the company for less.”

    Ballmer gave Yahoo three weeks to agree to its takeover bid, which now stands at about $42 billion, or face a proxy fight and possibly a lower offer.


  4. […] am | In Economoney, Internet, Online services, Software | Back in February, I spoke a little about Microsoft’s plans to buy Yahoo. Many were disappointed by the move. Yahoo made a few shifts internally that appeared to support […]


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