February 6, 2008 at 10:27 am | Posted in Economoney, Internet | 1 Comment

You type the domain name into the address bar but the page you land on is something weird. A generic site with a bunch of vaguely related links. Ah – you made a typo. Fix it and off you go to the correct site.

Whats with these cybersquatters? Its called advertising revenue. Just landing on the page brings them hits. If you happen to click any of those page links on the weird page, you’ve just sent them advertising money. They’re basically milking typos for spin-off ad revenue and depending on surfers who don’t “get” that its not a real site. Indeed, if you ever follow such links because perhaps the site looks more legitimate, you’ll discover they take you in loops. Linked page to linked page to linked page. None of them are designed to provide you with the information you’re looking for. They’re just milking you for advertising click-throughs. Preying on the unknowing and manipulating the system.

Google’s Ad Sense program is the big benefactor. They are limiting use by people who don’t even bother to pay for their domains. But at this point, its a money maker so they have no interest in controlling it further. Trouble is, where is the line between a resource links page and a squatter?

Dell has decided to make a point about this and has taken a large one to court. The following article gives one a sense of just how much money can be made when you misspell micrsft. It also talks about kiting and tasting, curious domain practices that will probably change how we register domains. If you wonder for example why they hold back .20 from a domain cancellation…


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  1. […] post on a site NOT called “For Now”, its lifted.  I talked about the similar trick Typosquatters use to get you to their domain. This is how they supply content. I suppose its better than a bunch […]


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