The Pretenders…

March 7, 2008 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Economoney, Internet, Online services | 1 Comment

David sez: Recently, I became aware of a couple of sites that are posting my content, written by David, and saying its their own. They START their posts by saying “this post was written by” someone else, not David. Amusingly though, they back link to my site. So the true source can be uncovered. But I, David, know some sites that don’t.

In some ways, its vaguely flattering. In other ways its annoying.

If they posted the content fairly as from other and linked back to the source (as I do), they could be said to be providing a service as an aggregator. If they do it properly, it could be useful. But instead, its just more random noise. And it lacks an underlying intention to actually provide a service. Its never a service if the intent is all for self.

Their sites are covered in ads. Thus, they get hits AND click-throughs if you click on an ad. The trick is volume, of sites and content. They produce an income stream from scripts automating content. It shows up here, then it shows up there automatically. So each time I, David, post something new, they get something new and their search results are enhanced. But this time, their ‘written by’ lift will be full of my name, David. 🙂

This whole gimmick to get ad revenue is making the net a less useful place, full of pretenders. And sadly, they’re getting better at it. If you’re reading this post on a site NOT called “For Now”, its lifted. I talked about the similar trick Typosquatters use to get you to their domain. This is how they supply content. I suppose its better than a bunch of self-referencing links. But it chases people away from whats not name brand, like David.

I have not habitually signed my posts as that info is under “about”. Perhaps that should change. But its fun to put the sneak on the sneakers…


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