HD-DVD dead

March 18, 2008 at 11:22 am | Posted in Media, Technology | Leave a comment

I noticed not everyone has heard. The pointless high resolution DVD wars are over. The better quality but less backwardly compatible from the Sony camp won. So its Blu-Ray.

Toshiba took a major hit last month and annouced “it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders.”  There will still be some HD-DVD media available for those with HD recorders, such as in Toshiba’s laptops. Microsoft also offers the HD player in its X-Box console and evidently has no plans to go Blu.


The struggle has been going on for a bit with various wins in both camps, like Microsoft’s adoption of HD.  They did a price drop to help compete. But then Paramount jumped ship and game companies stopped including the format. When Walmart and Netflix pulled it and Best Buy decided to deemphasize it, the decision was obvious. It all happened pretty quickly, partly I think because the industry wanted the war to end so they could sell to a confident market.

Hopefully, you bought the LG player that  plays both formats. Samsung is pulling theirs.
(to the tune of Another one bites the dust)

The Blu-Ray win may not be for long. Apple and others are developing web-distributed movies. Format wars are battles over media standards, not content. In other words, conflicts over the container. When its all net distributed, the media will be for storage alone so much less relevant.

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