March 19, 2008 at 2:47 pm | Posted in Online services, Space, Web Apps | 2 Comments

You’ve probably had some fun exploring the satellite images in Google Maps. Perhaps seen some of the funny pictures that show up, like secret subs or odd objects. Perhaps you installed and explored Google Earth, a whole new level. What about the other way? You’ve seen the satellite views looking down, how about looking up?

Google has added a new tool to its repertoire, Google Sky. As in Space. And its all online.

Its a great little sky browsing tool with dragging and mouse scroll zooming. You can search for specific named objects. It includes a Hubble Showcase (like the Helix Nebula at the top of this page). You can even turn on Infrared, Microwave or… Historical images. In the upper left are also links to explore the Moon and Mars – well at least a part of them.  Heres one from Pisces on Sky – at that highlights one weakness – naming the objects you find – but it does tell you  cooridnates that you can look up.




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  1. If you like google sky, I would suggest more mature tool for online sky browsing –
    It provides all sky imaging from multiple telescopes:
    DSS (Digitized Sky Survey by Palomar and UK Schmidt telescopes):
    SDSS (Sloan Digital Sky Survey):
    Astrophoto sky survey (Hubble, Spitzer and oter sources) –

    Try also infrared and H-alpha surveys


  2. Thanks – you’re right. I’ve seen but had forgotten about it. Rolling over a star identifies it and clicking reveals more info. Thats well past what Google Sky doesn’t even have.


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