Photoshop on the web – part 2

March 28, 2008 at 8:32 am | Posted in Design, Online services, Web Apps | 1 Comment

Back in October, I wrote a post about the development of web apps and Adobe’s plans to put PhotoShop on the web. Well, now its come true. PhotoShop Express is now available in beta (testing) for free.

Theres a free membership (for now) but you can take a “test drive” without signup. Make Spot spotless? The tools are minimal – red eye removal, a little colour correction, etc. I would not describe it as fast either. But its there, accessible anywhere, with 2 GB free storage. Thus, you can do a little fix-up on the road for download later.

For myself, I’m spoiled. I’d rather have PhotoShop Elements running from a thumb drive than this minimal a set of tools.  But I’m not the market they are targeting. They are wanting to reach the masses who would be lost in the full PhotoShop. Heck – I get lost sometimes and I’ve been using it for 12 years. (installed CS3 this week) Found out last year that the long lost “Calculations” that let you build a custom filter was still there, under Filters, Other, Custom…

This article says its US (and Canada) only for the beta and it will be a subscription based model. Software for rent. As a service. They also call this “cloud computing” as the Internet is usually illustrated as a cloud on net diagrams. Amusingly, the article also mentions people are less likely to try a program they are unfamiliar with. Well – Elements is nothing like Express, aside from a few icon and naming conventions. I guess its more a brand awareness exercise.

In any case, its a welcome development to see simple tools available online from anywhere. Some of the mashups are generating amazing hybrids not possible before. Takes the idea of virtual office to a whole new level. And points to where its all going…


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  1. […] introduced Elements versions of some software, including PhotoShop. They’ve also introduced a web Express version. But none of these meet the power and control of the real […]


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