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March 29, 2008 at 2:13 pm | Posted in Economoney, Internet, Writing | Leave a comment

Recently I wrote about people using this blogs content and presenting it as their own. Steve Pavlina wrote a nice summary about copyright, what is fair use in blogging (and elsewhere), and the practice of ‘Sploggers’. “Sploggers illegally republish other people’s original content via practices such as [RSS] feed scraping…”

He makes an observation that when the content is duplicated various places, it reduces its originality in the eyes of search engines, and thus potentially reducing the ranking and thus visibility of the work. But he also talks about how to turn out their lights.

Its been a very interesting journey, watching how the Internet has unfolded and the unpredictable challenges that have arisen. How people, like Steve, make their living, largely simply by writing on the net, posting their articles for free. My old company does almost all of its business online, the bricks and mortar there only to support that and load content. My new work is about the online presence of a traditional business, selling traditional fun.

I remember when a computer rag “The Computer Paper”, had a cover story back in ’96 that “The Internet is Dead”.  The US government was privatizing the infrastructure and management of the then early net. Before that, it was mostly schools, research, and military institutions interlinking their networks.  Being connected then meant dialing in to Bulletin Boards to read orange text. Hard to believe how much its grown since.

It was designed to be decentralized to stay up in the event of an attack (shades of cold war) , one of the reasons managing and controlling it are so challenging. But thats a good thing as it helps free speech remain free.


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