The Electric Sun

April 26, 2008 at 9:52 pm | Posted in Movies, Science, Space, Strange | 4 Comments

Just finished watching the film, Thunderbolts of the Gods. (Link below, just over 1 hr.) Here are a few notes I made. The film has fabulous space imagery.

The film suggests Electricity rather than Gravity as a solution to new space discoveries. Large magnetic fields indicate electricity. We’ve found glowing electric filaments spanning millions of light years. Empty space turns out to be filled with charged particles. Gravity does not explain it.

The electric model” explains it, a new synthesis.

They speaks of the commonality of many old myths – different stories describing the same imagery – plasma discharges. This suggests ancient skies were much different.

Nature transfers electricity over great distances in dual filaments that spiral around each other. This phenomenon is fully scalable so can be tested locally in the lab. The local patterns are similar to massive scales in space.

Test indicate spiral galaxies are produced by rotating dual filaments, not gravity. Radio telescopes can see the strength of electrical energy. The electric model works in both relativity and quantum mechanics, once thought incompatible.

Magnetic fields indicate electricity. We see them on planetary, solar, and galactic levels. They ‘sew together’ elements in space rather than being perceived as separated by vast distances.

Einstein’s ideas ignored electricity. But he recognized they weren’t complete. If gravity is the only driving force, large founts of energy predict regions of infinite mass, hence a black hole as gravity is a weak force. If electricity is the driving force, so called black holes are simply confluences of energy. Neutron stars in Pulsars are not actually possible. In the electrical model, you can produce a pulsar in the lab with a simple relaxation oscillator. No strange matter etc. required.

The sun produces magnetic forces 10 million times the gravitational force.

Ancient cultures spoke of a different sun. Plasma science is changing our understanding of the sun – not an atomic furnace, not consuming itself. The corona is electrical. It is connected to the galaxy, the sun being an energy focus. This is why the corona/atmosphere is hotter than the surface. The insides are even cooler.

Particles (charged) in the solar wind accelerate, the further from the sun they get. This is an electrical process. The sun is like a large positive anode. Sun spots, where we see into the sun, are the coldest places, not the hottest. The electric model has been verified over more than a century and every aspect has been verified. The fusion (atomic model) of the sun/stars has never been fully demonstrated, only the parts of the process. They offer a list of features that don’t work in the “failed” standard model, while the electric model addresses all of them.

Electrical model sees a comet as an electrical body that discharges as it approaches the sun (moves through an electric field). They are cratered rocks, not ice balls. The same as asteroids, just with a different orbit. They better predicted the impact test on comet Tempel I, an electrical response. Cometary displays are from electrical effects from moving closer and further from the sun.

Venus is much hotter than Mercury, and a similar size to earth. It displays some cometary aspects. Speaks of Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision [I read back when] suggesting the world experienced a comet a few thousand years ago. Suggested Venus as a comet. Speaker feels Velikovsky wasn’t all correct but observes that cultures throughout the world talk of Venus as a comet. Venus as long haired, serpent or dragon, torch of the sky, bearded star.

What is creating the electric field? Electric sun, electric stars, an electric cosmology- a whole new way of understanding how the universe works.
(Bruce Lipton was there too)




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  2. constant spherically symmetric flow of electrons in 3 dimensions is the cause of all perceived structure of space, the universde is a closed, ifinite set of nested gravity fields of all sizes from atom to cosmos. Nesting means no “nothing” anywhere at any time and constantly spinning dark matter material points have no size limits whatsoever.


  3. Interesting. Your URL is bad so I can’t explore more. What I touch on briefly in another post is the field structure that arises at node points in the underlying structure in consciousness. Your statement is similar from a slightly different perspective. Touches on a little of Bucky Fuller’s all-space filling geometry. You might want to look up Millenium Twain’s atomic models.


  4. […] have also noted the idea of the Electric Sun, an alternative view of the physics of the universe that is much simpler and apparently explains it […]


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