New Oil?

May 6, 2008 at 9:16 am | Posted in Economoney, Science, Strange, Transportation | Leave a comment

One of the issues with Biofuels is that they cause a price competition in the food and feed markets. As quoted in the following story, “He who burns his food goes hungry,” an old Chinese proverb.

Evidently an agricultural researcher has discovered a way to convert waste biomass (old tree limbs, corn husks, etc) into hydrocarbon fuel using genetically modified bacteria.  This can cut the cost of gas, bring its source home, cut the waste stream of other indistries and solve the energy crisis, it is suggested. Of course, we’ve heard this before with other technologies.

Its touted as environmentally friendly but needs no modification to existing vehicles. Not sure thats so friendly. There is also the worry that should this altered bacteria “get loose” in a natural setting, the forest floor, by example, could be turned into muck. But perhaps the bacteria only thrive in certain closed environments. Certainly interesting to consider.

The article:

A news piebce with some conclusion jumping and logic errors:


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