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Space Junk - PravdaWould you throw your trash out on the front lawn? How about all your broken appliances? Seems thats what we do, at least as one might see on approach to Earth. Read recently how the Shuttle had to move several pieces of debris out of the way with the Canadarm before it could return.

Here is a set of images (not photos) of the earth from space, with the junk highlighted. Of course, they have magnified it. But it gives you a little sense of the issue. A lot of the stuff that is working is quite fragile and would not take well to hitting the stuff that is not working. No recycling there – the orbits typically last a long time. Kind of like the Moon.

The Pravda is the Times of Russia. Some of the world view is interesting. In China, parents favoring boys is causing a growing shortage of women. Russia has the reverse problem – more women than men.


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