Off the Botnet

May 18, 2008 at 4:22 pm | Posted in Security, Software | Leave a comment

In Gizmo’s recent newsletter, he summarized a key issue with malware these days. How your computer can become a tool for spamming and attacking other systems. The botnet.

It is estimated than more than 50 million PCs around the world are now silently controlled by spammers and criminal gangs. These “zombie” PCs as they are called, are just normal PCs owned by Moms and Pops that have been taken over by malware secretly downloaded onto the PCs using web exploits, infected emails and more.

These zombies are organized in vast networks called botnets with each botnet owned and controlled remotely by different criminal groups. The most common use of botnets is sending spam.

Most zombie owners don’t even know their PC is under the control of someone else.”

Typically, the computer will have Security thats either out of date, broken, or non-existent. The typical new computer you buy today comes with only a demo version of security that will not keep the surfer safe for long. People also don’t know basic computer advice, like staying out of rough neighborhoods, not talking to strangers, and so on. So before long, many get compromised. And because of the many numerous incomprehensible messages the average computer offers up, they may not know the difference between a warning and an approval to install.

Gizmo’s article was to suggest TrendMicro’s new tool for botnet removal. If you have any friends with sluggish computers where the secrity oftware doesn’t seem to want to work right, it would be worth a check. RUBotted?


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