Autocomplete fixes

June 5, 2008 at 9:14 am | Posted in Internet, Software | Leave a comment

One of the boons of modern browsers is that they remember what you type routinely into forms. Things like logins, addresses, and so forth. This saves you having to retype it over and over.  It’s called Autocomplete. Just type the first few letters, and select the offered choice.

Only problem is, sometimes Autocomplete can be flaky. Where it doesn’t always remember what you want to use, sometimes it remembers mistakes, like typos or worse. Passwords entered into login boxes, for example, handily saving them for others.  Or perhaps you use a public or shared computer thats not set up well.

Perhaps you went in and cleared the cache or history, only to discover the gremlins were still there. Autocomplete is managed a little differently than browsing history.

Remember that if you let your computer save passwords, anyone with access to your computer has access to all of your web stuff. From History and autologin, they have it all. Autocomplete for logins is fine. Then you just enter the password.

Managing Autocomplete

In Internet Explorer:
To manage Settings: Tools, Internet Options, Content tab, AutoComplete section, Settings button.
To Clear all entries:  Tools, Internet Options, General tab, Delete button. The form has various choices. Form Data and passwords are the 2 parts to note.

Older versions of IE are a bit different. You may find the settings in: Tools, Internet Options, Content tab, Auto-Complete button. Click on the “Clear Forms” button.  For settings, set the boxes under “Use Autocomplete for.”
(and upgrading IE is free – better to use the newer version of anything you use on the net. More secure)

For Firefox:
Tools, Options, Privacy button, Private data, Settings. Then Clear Now.
‘Remember Passwords’ setting is under the Security button

Even Better:
Here’s a great trick – if your problem is just one or 2 typos, you can selectively delete individual entries.
On the form in question, use the arrow keys to scroll to the offender, then press shift+delete. (hold down shift while you press delete) Voila!


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