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June 14, 2008 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Computers, Hardware, Online services, Software | 1 Comment

Recently, I mentioned Gizmo’s great freeware recommendation list over at Tech Support Alert. Another new tool thats arrived is over at Windows Secrets. They have a large archive of many years of easy to read and honest tech newsletters reviewing all manner of Windows products, many free. They also have the archive of the popular “Langa list”, published until Fred Langa joined Windows Secrets. (and has since retired). And Brian Livingston’s former “Brian’s Buzz”

Windows Secrets has placed 2 custom search tools on their site:

The first searches all of their past newsletters. If you click Advanced options, you can also search Langa and Brian’s Buzz. 7 years of good advice.

The second searches a batch of good Windows related tech sites, if the first doesn’t offer a solution. If you have a tech issue, you may find this gives better results as it targets Windows tech web sites rather than the larger web as a whole. It “queries every Web site that Google has determined to be an “authority” on Microsoft Windows.”

Now here’s the neat trick. You don’t have to go to their web site to use them. When you are on the sites, you might notice that your upper right search box is “responding” to an option. If you pull down the list of search tools (little down arrow left of the text search box), you’ll find the option to load them as an alternative search engine. Add both. Then just choose one and type in the search words and there you go.

Or you can go straight to the plugins page.

All of this is free.


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