Deep Space

June 20, 2008 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Science, Space | Leave a comment

In the post on Water on Mars I mentioned NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day. In the archives, there are some very amazing images. A few are amongst the most important images of our time.

Sept. 1 of ’02 saw the Hubble Deep Field image. The Hubble telescope was pointed at a fairly blank part of space (to avoid hot spots) and over 10 days accumulated a series of exposures of the same area. The result is a spectacular image packed with galaxies. Due to the time it takes the light to get here, they are also images from the “extreme past.”

March 9, ’04 saw the follow-up image, the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, which took almost 3 months and new equipment to make. It shows over 10,000 galaxies and looks back to when the universe was just 5% of its current age, 13 billion years ago.

Here is a short video explaining the images.

We have so much more to learn…


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