I’m a what?

September 19, 2008 at 4:07 pm | Posted in Computers, Economoney, Media, Software | 1 Comment

Apple Computer’s PC vs Mac ads have had enough of an impact that Microsoft is responding. Calling the ‘PC guy’ a stereotype, they attempt to break the impression with little “I’m a PC” vignettes. This actually dominates the Windows home page at the moment. Not what Windows can do for you but who thinks it makes a difference.

Stupidly, if you want to see more of it, you have to install the Silverlight plug-in. In order to say they’re one of us, they demonstrate they’re not.

The clip with Seinfeld and Gates is bizarre – they really are on another planet. Perhaps I’m in the wrong demographic.

They even get Deepak Chopra in there, saying “I’m a PC and a human being. Not a human doing, not a human thinking. A human being.” Is that supposed to be funny?  C’mon now- do we say “I’m a hammer”? Or “I’m a Telephone”? This is just marketing, playing ego games to make it right to identify with your tools. How is that a message about being?

We’re in a time when the operating system of your computer means less and less. Yet the major players are still marketing to an us vs them mentality. They forget that conquering by division can backfire if people feel they have to make a choice. What if it doesn’t matter? Do most people care if their phone runs Windows?

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