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January 7, 2009 at 12:23 pm | Posted in Blogs, Software, Writing | 1 Comment

Just ran into a good blog for OpenOffice, the free and robust office suite. I’ve seen this one before, so I’ll post it now before I forget  😉

She’s come suggested by the OOo newlsetter.

Also, of note on a related subject, Microsoft initially developed their own “open” XML based file format (the new docx and related file types) and tried to shut out the already developed Open Document format that’s used by OpenOffice, Star Office and others. However, the quality of the Open Doc format for long term accessibility and its support by standards-based software has lead a number of governments and businesses to standardize on the format. Microsoft has backed down and announced they will support the Open Doc standard in SP2 of Office 07 sometime later this year. They will even be adding PDF support, also in competition to their own new format. Nice to see everyone moving to standards and interoperability, even if it may have been a marketing decision.

The irony:

BTW – Open Doc is NOT the same thing as “Office Open XML”, something MS tried to rush through standards.

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  1. Ran into a minor issue – well for me major – with one OpenOffice 3 install. Spell check was finding almost everything misspelt.

    The key detail to know if spell check isn’t working in ver 3 – Dictionaries are Extensions. Check the Extension Manager (under Tools) for the dictionaries you need, Add the ones desired and all will be OK.


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