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When I studied media technology in the mid ’90’s, it was called “Multimedia”. Blending different media types together to produce, for example, a CD-ROM. One CD project I did duplicated the screens of a software program, made the buttons work, and added pop-up graphics and video to show examples and explain concepts. CD projects like that died shortly afterward with the dawning of DVD’s and the privatized (and thus publicly available) Internet. Macromedia (now part of Adobe) switched to a web focus and one of it’s premier applications that we focused on in school, Director, gradually died.

Artists also used ‘multimedia’ to refer to blended artistic mediums that may or may not include some of the above. Soon Multimedia became known as “New Media”. But that wore thin and wasn’t very descriptive. Now they call it “Digital Media”. Does that mean much more? But blend digital media with the Internet, and you have a revolution in the making.

A few examples:

PC Magazine is offering a free on-line TV Player download. They mention tuning in to Albania, Indonesia, Italy, Peru, Afghanistan, and Vietnam. Of course, with any of this stuff, its what the stations happen to be posting. It may be a live feed, it may be only part time. This supports radio stations too.

Mashup web sites like Tun3r give you links to radio stations on-line around the world. There’s so many now that it’s getting hard to find the weird stuff. Spanish “Victim 2” radio? What about Turkish, um, I can’t read it. Romania, Seoul, Buenos Aries, and more.


And there’s the sites that link to thousands of newspapers around the world like OnlineNewspapers. And of course access to things like BBC and alternative news sources that may never otherwise be heard, like the pirate radio stations of yore.

Online News pages (most search engines, large ISPs and media have them) and RSS feeds can offer you near live news coverage. Add an on-line service like Google Alerts that will send you news when certain key words come up, or iGoogle, a custom new page, and you can build a custom news page (newspaper) that will feed you on demand. Perhaps to your mobile device.

As social networking sites develop, a new form of news emerges, like NowPublic’s ‘Crowd Powered Media’. In other words, amateur journalism, but its also vetted by readers and the usual social networking sites. Stuff you’d never see otherwise plus a local perspective. And “Trumours”…

Where is this going? What becomes of traditional media people have to pay for? It’s fascinating to watch.
[Updated 1/12]


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  1. The above link is full of Mashups and Memes (Social trends). What’s a Mashup?
    more Mashup articles here:


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