The Netbook Series

January 11, 2009 at 5:04 am | Posted in Backup, Computers, Hardware, Internet, Online services, Software, Technology, Web Apps | 2 Comments

Recently, I’ve written several articles on setting up a netbook and migrating my old mail and schedule data, then preparing a sharing system. For simplicity, here are the links:

An overview of netbooks, my choice to go with the Acer, and some of the options to consider.

Windows Flash – installing XP on a solid state drive Acer Netbook
How I migrated from Linux to a small footprint Windows XP build on a solid state drive.
XP configuration and the programs I used plus links to other resources.
A popular post!

Departing Eudora, Thunderbird Ahoy!
Importing Eudora into Thunderbird, fixing a 2101 date bug, suggested Add-on’s, and adding the PIM for the coming Palm migration: Lightning and Thundernotes.

If you are already using Thunderbird, skip ahead to Sharing the Digital Life

Palm to Open Source
The messy business of getting the data out of Palm formats and into what I need.
Contacts – easy but needed massaging
Memos – manual but workable
Tasks – the cut and paste trick
Calendar – the beast – options and the solution that worked well.

Also: Backup, moving the Thunderbird profile (data store), and having multiple profiles/users.

Sharing the Digital Life
Synchronizing your desktop Thunderbird email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes data with the netbook. On-line options.

Developing a Process
Thoughts on managing a project journaled underway like this.

For the Life of XP
Windows XP will continue to be available for netbooks well after other computers can’t get it.


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