Systemic YoYo’s

January 15, 2009 at 3:29 pm | Posted in Books, Science, Writing | 4 Comments

Systemic Yoyos: Some Impacts of the Second Dimension is the title of a new book by Yi Lin. The title intrigued me, so I dug around a bit. Turns out “2nd Dimension” doesn’t refer to spatial dimensions but rather conceptual. In this case, 1st dimension is classical science, second dimension is system theory. The author proposes the “Yoyo model” as a systemic model designed to solve difficult problems in science. After introducing the model, he uses it to solve  open problems in “Newtonian mechanics, planetary motions, the three-body problem, etc. The third part presents applications of this model in economics and finance.” He goes on to explore “the structure of human thoughts and infinity problems in …mathematics.” And finally, he uses case studies to investigate “the concept of rolling currents… to practically predict weather changes, especially the arrival of disastrous weather conditions.

With chapter titles like “Conservation of Informational Infrastructure: Empirical Evidence“, I am intrigued.

The Books abstract and contents are here. Parts are previewable here.

This page suggests the book arises from an effort to publish modern thinking in China.

In the introduction, he mentions 4 criteria, including “must be readable by as many people as possible”. Sadly, the book is rather pricey for my budget. Hopefully, exerpts or other derivations will become available.


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  1. I just took a look at this book. The purported physics in this book is complete rubbish. I am puzzled as to how any reputable publisher accepthed this manuscript.


  2. I found a copy online. My math and physics are not good enough to determine quality. Perhaps the publishers isn’t either. They seemed to feel this was cutting edge Chinese thinking. Who knows.

    Thanks for the feedback


  3. hmm .. about a yr ago i downloaded systemic structure behind human organizations … today i checked it out and was shaken by their theses … however … 😦 .. this blog here is a first (google “systemic yoyo”, another fundamental topic for them is “blown up theory” 1k results, now checking, also do not see western comments ) .. nonpaid source with comment on their work … 🙂 …. hmmm … i need to make sure about “rubbish”, because I wouldn’t like to loose the chance for progres in understanding the world … I’ll give them 1 more hour of search … 🙂


  4. Well, any completely new way of looking at the world can be a big stretch. Bucky Fullers Synergetics introduced a new “3D” math that did away with things like imaginary and irrational numbers. But it requires a quite different perspective and has never caught on.

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if Chinese academics have branched into unique places little known to the west. New paradigms do require substantial time commitments to digest and a cursory view from a different paradigm would indeed see it as rubbish. The resulting processes would not work in the old paradigm. Just consider quantum vs classical physics.

    I ran into this talk recently. Have not watched it yet but its about a math model that was roundly rejected.


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