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March 19, 2009 at 3:55 am | Posted in Internet, Online services, Security, Software, Web Apps | 2 Comments

Several times here, I’ve mentioned the value of browser add-ons to warn you off of links to questionable sites. It’s saved me several times.

Recently, a new contender has shown up – one that merges the rankings of 8 sites, including the ones I’ve suggested here. It’s called LinkExtend and it’s been recommended by Gizmo Richards.

If you use Firefox as suggested, you can get it free here.

LinkExtend not only shows the sites safety ratings, it includes child safety, ethics, page ranking, lets you control site based browser history, and gives you a whole whack of Site tools. Such things as direct links to Titles – great on a long blog. Files. All page links. Wikipedia. Whois. Past site versions. (Wayback Machine) Etc. etc.

LinkExtend uses a toolbar rather than a coloured button like WOT or Site Advisor, but with some features that make it useful. It’s highly customizable if all the ranking drives you nuts. Even hide the display unless you right click a link. Then it’s all still there. It even adds web site icons to the search results if you like.

The Help page gives you an idea of some of the options.

I have WOT still running while I test it.


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