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Just dropped by the Buckminster Fuller Institute to pick up a link and noticed some very cool new tech. A team at MIT have won the 2009 BF Challenge for “Sustainable Personal Mobility and Mobility-on-Demand Systems“. This consists of 2 main projects.

Citycar group

The City Car, a “stackable electric two-passenger city vehicle“. Think Smart car that’s electric and flips up when parked. Designed to be used like an on-demand car share. Modularized with all the drive components inside the wheel. They’re working with GM on the project.


The RoboScooter is a folding electric scooter. Not unlike the the scooters you see around town, but folding like a folding bike. Again, they can be stacked and used as an on-demand share. Come off the subway and pick up a scooter.


The BF Challenge home page has links to other entrants.

The MIT LabCAST site also has video clips of a wide range of other projects.

I want one  😉

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  1. Well – the Citycar has now become commercially available – in Spain. It’s called a Hinko. More:


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