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Enjoy creative problem solving? Here’s something you may find interesting.
Bringing solution seekers and problems solvers together. Solve challenging problems for cash.

In one section, Clean Tech:
…how to incorporate the public viewpoint of effects on human health and environment when choosing materials for products.

…looking for a comprehensive report on how renewable energy sources can change the structure of the power grid

…improve the tack properties of a polymeric isocyanate binder/wood composite

…looking to streamline the suite of information technologies used by field agents that work in the financial industry in the developing world. – oh – that ones having submissions reviewed.

And so forth…



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  1. Although this seems just for the highly professional, it still is a very good tip. Thanks.


  2. Yes, many of the skills looked for are for the highly experienced. But each of us has our own talents. What we might consider normal, others struggle with. Hence the need for people with a different vision, a different skill set.

    Even the above random sample, 75% are for overview reports. Someone who has a larger vision. Anyone with a good understanding of the field who also has a breadth of vision could do the job.

    That’s the trick with solving problems. Being able to step back. As Einstein famously said, you can’t solve a problem on the level of the problem.


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