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I’ve been using the Internet for making long distance calls and video calls for awhile. I’ve not even had a traditional “land line” phone in a couple of years. Last year, I started using Skype for longer video conferences with a room full of viewers.

Mac computers have the advantage of recognizing video cameras attached, improving the picture at the other end. (a headache on a PC) Large screens help for viewing in a group. Don’t forget video projectors – they can display on a 4′ – 11′ screen easily. The trick is then lighting conditions – well lit for video pickup but the screen kept clear. A USB mic on an extension can be used for a shared group mic. Be sure to give it a bit of padding to reduce handling noise.

Recently, I reviewed available software and ran into this article on Best Video-conferencing Tools.

The article first reviews the criteria to consider in choosing a tool. What you need. It then reviews a number of software apps in 2 groups – one-to-one conferencing and multi-party. Although it depends on what specific features you need, the charts and reviews can give you a good idea of the better ones. Skype comes in at the top of the first category. Oovoo comes up top in the second by a good margin. As 1 to 1 is free in Oovoo, it’s worth having a look.

If you need quite a few connected, Tokbox. com is web based and thus requires no software install, allows up to 25 in a conference but has no session recording. It works with some IM tools as well. Acrobat Connect charges by the minute so may be better for occasional pro use than a monthly service.

And do check the links. Some of the notes are already a little out of date. And many of these are quite new.

And you thought making video calls was futuristic?

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