Motorized Unicycle

October 3, 2009 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Strange, Technology, Transportation | 3 Comments

Hmm – a little hard to describe this one. Honda is demonstrating a new experimental product. A powered unicycle. Kind of like a unicycle Segway, but without the handle.

It uses the balance technology developed with the ASIMO bipedal robot and a unique omnidirectional wheel that allows one to move forward – or sideways or diagonally. The wheel is composed of numerous small diameter motorized wheels that can roll sideways or connect inline to form one large diameter forward wheel.

It’s under 10kg, runs on a Li ion battery for one hours use. Like a unicycle, it sits between your legs.

You move  just by shifting your weight.
Better than talk, take a look at the demo video. Watch her lean.

More details:


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  1. Very Cool, a mini Segway in essence. It makes me wonder if it would be possible to build a device for people without legs. If they could be strapped into a device like that they could lean and move around. Thanks for posting.


  2. Yes, it’s possible, but an issue if they went over. Wheelchairs for example are designed for stability. There’s no reason such control could not be built into a chair though. 2 wheels and a couple of outriggers, for example.


  3. Another video clip


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