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November 26, 2009 at 10:31 pm | Posted in Technology | Leave a comment

There has been a series of developments of late in computer display technology. Of course, the widespread use of flat screen displays is an obvious one. Over on 3D TV, I mention a new technology coming to market that can project 3D images off of your screen. You may also have seen some of the ‘heads up’ displays in recent car models, where your speed and gas gauge seem to float in space in front of you.

Linux users have had the ability to switch between multiple desktops for awhile now, in 3D if you prefer. Vista (and some XP desktop upgrades) offer a kind of 3D view of open windows, like the ALT-TAB list on steroids. Of course, there are the beasts like Second Life that allow you to “live” in a sort of 3D cartoon environment.

More intriguing still are new (and free) technologies to upgrade your view space, to turn your screen into a 3D environment. I mentioned PicLens prior. Its a browser plugin that turns a page of pictures into a 3D gallery space, easily browsed. (love it)

What about a technology that puts all of your search results and your browsing history into a 3D space you can move around in? Not a list of search results but a tier of pages of results. Of videos, of images.  They have a nice little intro on the home page that shows it better than I can describe it.


Of course, a large display helps…

The only downside I can see to this and many related helper technologies is that they focus more and more on the most popular services like YouTube and eBay, leaving the smaller players without enhancements.


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