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There are a few tweaks for your WordPress.com blog that will give you more polish and professionalism.

A – your Blog Icon
This shows up in web browsers beside your web address, on tabs, bookmarks, and so forth. Like the @ above. Makes the site look more professional. In WordPress.com, they call this the “Blog Picture”
1 – Find a suitable picture that will look good small and square. Think icon, like other web sites have. Make sure you’re free to use it.
2 – In WordPress.com, go into your Dashboard and select Settings. You can upload and crop it in the box on the right.
3 – click the Save Changes button.
This is called a Favicon on a regular web site* (or wordpress.org) but for WordPress.com, you don’t need tools to convert your image to an .ico file.

B – your Personal Icon
This shows up beside your comments on other peoples blogs and such. You can use the same icon as above or have a different personal one. It demonstrates your blog presence. As comments can be a major draw for solid new readers, it’s good if they look professional.
The most widely used service is Gravatar: Globally Recognized Avatar. It just uses your email address. It’s easy & it’s free.

C – your Sidebar
Also, be sure to explore the Widgets under Appearance in your Dashboard. Depending on the theme, you can rearrange the sidebar sections, add other components, and alter their look. You’ll note, for example, how I have Categories and Archives in a pick list. Plus, I’ve added the image at the bottom and the subscription section at the top. These just use a text box with links. Some people put their icon in the sidebar as well. A larger version, of course.

Be an icon  😉

*if you’re building a regular web site, you’ll need a “favicon.ico” and a META tag to get the icon. Just Google “favicon” for techniques and the line of code you’ll need.

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