Flash and Silverlight being put to Sleep

November 10, 2011 at 11:46 am | Posted in Computers, Internet, Software, Web Apps | 1 Comment

It should be no surprise that Microsoft is phasing out it’s Silverlight technology. But Abode has also announced it will be phasing out Flash development for mobile devices. They indicate they will continue to develop Flash for the PC platform but one wonders how this will affect developers. If you have to use different technolgies for different platforms, you will tend to look for new solutions. The whole point of Web Standards is write once, work everywhere.

Happily, the reason they’re doing this IS open Web Standards, HTML5.  More

Perhaps Steve Jobs knew something when he left Flash off the iPad.

[Update: Good article on TechCrunch ]

[Update: Youtube and Vimeo are testing Flashless versions. You can explore that here:
Users of older PowerPC Macs and iPxx devices are already moving into a Flashless world. The first because Flash updates no longer support PPC Macs, the second because Apple excluded it.]

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  1. […] posting now illustrates this. One example he mentioned has now happened, as I touch on in Flash and Silverlight being put to Sleep. The tech world as we know it is morphing. Windows and Google are massively loosing […]


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