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The idea of a home-based business is enticing. None of the wasted time and money for commuting, a later start to the working day, and you control your hours. But if you search the subject on-line, what you mostly find is others who are trying to make a living telling you how to make a living on-line. Or they’re outright scams.

There are however ways to do it. If you do your research. It’s like starting any business. The first thing you need is a product with a market – be it information, downloads, or deliverables like books or gift-ware. Then you need to find out the best way to deliver it – the suppliers and technology you’ll need that actually work. Simply opening a web storefront on-line will add you to millions of other pages on the web. You’ll be lost in an aisle no one goes down.

A simpler way to work at home may be a traditional job done at home. Your job and pay is the usual but your office is a corner of your home. They also call this “telecommuting”. Some companies are shifting in that direction so you may be able to find such a job. But you’d have to demonstrate your ability to do the job, work unsupervised and know the needed technology.

A similar way is with independent jobs where the office can be in your home. Self-employed accountants, for example. This Workopolis article reviews the highest paying  work-from-home jobs according to Forbes. Some of them may surprise you. And most are skilled professions.

And finally, you can establish a web-based business. The key here to understand is that there’s a pretty low entry cost (if you do your research) but you need to learn your stuff. If your business is the web, you need to learn about web technology and be able to update, edit, tweak, and adjust your site. If you don’t, it would be like having to call in a contractor every time you need to move a shelf or sweep the floor of your store.

If you choose a blog-based web site (not a free one – this is business), this will reduce the coding required. But you’ll still need to get to know how to link and tweak and so forth. Again, the key here is research. There’s lots of help on-line.

Steve Pavlina wrote a classic article on making money from a blog. He also wrote on how to get high traffic. The articles have gotten a little old but the principles remain the same. They’re still among his most popular posts.

Here’s a site that specializes in Internet Marketing, to help you get the word out. Look around; the site will give you an idea of what it takes to be successful on-line. The author is a technology expert who’s sharing her own experience developing her markets.

Here’s one on best blogging practices:

You also need to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Are you self-motivated enough to work mostly solo? If you don’t do the work, your bank account will drain surprisingly fast. You’ll need a lawyer and an accountant, plus anyone else who offers the skills you don’t have. Writing? Marketing? If the skill is central to your business offering, you need to ask yourself if that’s the right model for you.

Good luck!

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