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If you have simple web site needs, one of your best solutions is to use a WordPress blog with fixed pages. Just choose a suitable theme (predesigned look & layout), put your domain name in the banner and you’re ready for content. You can browse and tweak settings at your leisure or change the theme without redoing anything*.

Adding content to a blog is much like using Webmail. Type the text and use the toolbar for bolding, links, and so forth. Publish and your content is live. You can put a blog behind a fixed home page if you like. Or leave the blog unlinked (semi-hidden) but use it to produce a newsletter.

A free blog like the one you’re reading can also be structured as a web site but you can’t use ads or post commercial content here. For that, you need your own hosted site with your own domain and web host.

If your needs are more complex, you may find you need a full web site. You can similarly seek a CSS (stylesheet) theme. However, the issue becomes how you or less experienced people produce content for the site. Programs like Word allow you to “Save as Web Page” but this produces large files, full of code for advanced MS services. I found few tools that allowed non-geeks to produce clean HTML content without coding. Adobe Contribute is one such but it’s not cheap.

Recently, I ran into the free MarkdownPad. It works much like a typical Webmail or word processing tool but produces clean HTML for a web site. You can attach the custom stylesheet your site uses or just use it to produce simple, clean pages. Copy them into your web site and you can easily update and do the basic maintenance without hiring a specialist each time.

You solution depends on your needs, but this might help.

*click right side links to change the look and layout while leaving the words the same. Different stylesheet theme, same content.

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