Windows 8 – Oh My!

November 8, 2012 at 11:51 pm | Posted in Computers, Hardware, Software | 4 Comments

Windows 8 is a big change from prior versions of Windows. There are several key things to know before making any decision about it.

1 – It’s based on a touch interface, like a smart-phone. You probably will NOT be pleased with it on a mouse-and-keyboard computer. That’s called doing it the hard way.

2 – If you buy a new computer with Windows 8, get one with a touch screen. If you get a cheap laptop without one, you’ll probably just find it annoying.

3 – The new Windows tablets out are running Windows RT. RT does NOT run prior Windows applications. RT apps are only available in a new RT store. Wait until the new year to get a Windows 8 tablet if you want to run traditional Windows applications.

4 – If you do any more typing that a little texting, you’ll want a tablet with a keyboard. A keyboard you can type comfortably on.

Chris Pirillo of Locker Gnome discusses further:


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  1. The Surface tablets coming that run full Windows 8 will apparently be about twice the price of the RT tablets, and have about half the battery life – about 4 1/2 hours. Thats on the low side compared to laptops, very low even compared to the RT version. Will high price and very modest battery life be a winner?


  2. […] who put this off are now typically facing a jump to Windows 8 and a totally different interface. It could be argued it’s as big a change as from Windows […]


  3. […] in the day, I wrote an article on Windows 8 and decided to avoid this Windows version. Many others did the same. It was designed for touch […]


  4. As noted in the link above, I’ve unexpectedly migrated to a Win8 system. It’s not actually that bad – as long as you make a few key changes and turn off all the ruddy data sharing. See the article for more.


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